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Documentation for DataHerb¤

The Python Package for DataHerb

A DataHerb Core Service to Create and Load Datasets. Homebrew for datasets.

dataherb is the homebrew (or snap if you are using linux) for datasets.


pip install dataherb


The DataHerb Command-Line Tool¤

Requires Python 3

The DataHerb cli provides tools to create dataset metadata, validate metadata, search dataset in flora, and download dataset.


Before we get started, please configure dataherb first:

dataherb configure

Search and Download¤

Search by keyword

dataherb search covid19
# Shows the minimal metadata

Search by dataherb id

dataherb search -i covid19_eu_data
# Shows the full metadata

Download dataset by dataherb id

dataherb download covid19_eu_data
# Downloads this dataset:

Create Dataset Using Command Line Tool¤

We provide a template for dataset creation.

Within a dataset folder where the data files are located, use the following command line tool to create the metadata template.

dataherb create

Upload dataset to remote¤

Within the dataset folder, run

dataherb upload

UI for all the datasets in a flora¤

dataherb serve

Use DataHerb in Your Code¤

Load Data into DataFrame¤

# Load the package
from dataherb.flora import Flora

# Initialize Flora service
# The Flora service holds all the dataset metadata
use_flora = "path/to/my/flora.json"
dataherb = Flora(flora=use_flora)

# Search datasets with keyword(s)
geo_datasets ="geo")

# Get a specific file from a dataset and load as DataFrame
tz_df = pd.read_csv(

The DataHerb Project¤

What is DataHerb¤

DataHerb is an open-source data discovery and management tool.

  • A DataHerb or Herb is a dataset. A dataset comes with the data files, and the metadata of the data files.
  • A Herb Resource or Resource is a data file in the DataHerb.
  • A Flora is the combination of all the DataHerbs.

In many data projects, finding the right datasets to enhance your data is one of the most time consuming part. DataHerb adds flavor to your data project. By creating metadata and manage the datasets systematically, locating an dataset is much easier.

Currently, dataherb supports sync dataset between local and S3/git. Each dataset can have its own remote location.

What is DataHerb Flora¤

We desigined the following workflow to share and index open datasets.

DataHerb Workflow

The repo dataherb-flora is a demo flora that lists some datasets and demonstrated on the website At this moment, the whole system is being renovated.


  1. Create a conda environment.
  2. Install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt


The source of the documentation for this package is located at docs.

References and Acknolwedgement¤

  • dataherb uses datapackage in the core. datapackage is a python library for the data-package standard. The core schema of the dataset is essentially the data-package standard.