Before adding your github repository to DataHerb, we reqire a .dataherb folder and a metadata.yml file in your .dataherb folder. Please read this tutorial: Create a GitHub Repository to Host a Dataset.

Add your GitHub repository name to DataHerb

  1. Go to DataHerb/dataherb-flora.
  2. Create a new file inside the folder flora: Use this link and click on the Create new file button.

    The file name should be descriptive. Do not use spaces in the file name. The file should contain

    - name: Name of the dataset
      repository: repository_owner/repository_name
        - A tag your data
        - Another tag for your data

    For example, the dataset InterImm/dataset-planets-in-solar-system is represented in the flora as planets_in_solar_system.yml with the following content.

    - name: Planets in the Solar System
      repository: InterImm/dataset-planets-in-solar-system
        - Astronomy
  3. Create a new Pull Request and tell us what you have added.

We do not take your data. The data page will link to your GitHub repository and the corresponding data files.